What is Boxfit Class?

Boxfit (also referred to as Boxercise) class is a group cardio workout using training principles for boxers. It includes pad work, punch bag work and skipping - a great combination of punches, core strengthening, speed and fun. As a former amateur boxer and fitness coach for the past 20 years, Matt will show you what you need to do to maximise benefits of this exercise. 

What are benefits of Boxfit Class?

  • Weight loss: Boxing is a very high calorie burner. The fun mix of training and techniques will hit every upper body muscle. It burns more calories than other cardio exercises including jogging and cycling. It's a high intensity workout that pushes your body to work harder. 

  • Toning and definition: Train like the boxers do. With consistency the exercises and routines performed will leave you in great shape. Unlike weight lifting which builds muscle from repair of muscle fibres, boxing is more about toning and tightening. 

  • Agility and stamina: With boxercise you will work on your speed, timing and ability to react quicker. The techniques used over 45 minutes will be at high intensity resulting in improved agility and stamina. 

  • Mental health: A fun group exercise that will reduce stress and improve confidence. 


Duration: 45min

Calories: 350 - 600 kcal

Price: £6

Group size: 10-15 persons

Location: Arnold, Nottingham

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