What is HIIT Class?

HIIT class is a group workout involving high intensity interval training. You will be expected to give 100% through out the high intensity workout usually lasts up to 1 min then rest for 15-30 sec. Matt will design groups of exercises that are challenging, fun and effective for fast calorie-burn. 

What are the benefits HIIT Class?

  • Fast calorie burn: HIIT is more intensive than other cardio workouts including jogging and cycling, therefore it's more effective in burning calories.
  • Metabolic rate boost: Your body carries on burning calories even after the exercise. Furthermore, researches show that you consume fat for energy rather than carbs during this time which is for fat loss. 

  • Blood sugar reduction: Regular HIIT workouts will help reducing blood sugar and improve insulin resistance, which is great for people with type 2 diabetes.

  • Heart rate and blood pressure reduction: Researches show indications of reduced heart rate and blood pressure in people perform continuous HIIT exercises, especially for overweight individuals who normally have high blood pressure. 


Duration: 45min

Calories: up to 700 kcal

Price: £6

Group size: 10-15 persons

Location: Arnold, Nottingham

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