What is HIIT Yoga Class?

HIIT Yoga is a workout that combines High Intensity Interval Training and Yoga practice (HIIT). It's a 30 minutes high calorie-burning exercises followed by 30 minutes of calming the mind with Vinyasa yoga which body stretching and balancing. With Matt and Tara's combined experience of 40 years in their industry, you will unlock maximum benefits of both practices. 

What are the benefits of HIIT Yoga Class?

  • High energy then wind down: This unique combination provides you benefits of both exercises. It will push you to work your body to its full capacity in the first 30 minutes then relax and stretch. 
  • Body and mind: With this particular workout you will have the opportunity to work on your body and mind, a well balanced approach that can be applied to daily tasks. 

  • Stability and balance improvement: Vinyasa Yoga involves coordinated movements with breath to flow from one pose to the next. Through various postures you will gain balance. 

  • Cardio fitness and flexibility: Both HIIT and Vinyasa Yoga exercise will improve your cardio fitness. Your heart rate goes through a pump-up then slow-down phases that will increase its capacity. Your body will gain more flexibility whilst going through a full-blast workout followed by a continuous postures flow. 


Duration: 60 min

Group size: 10-15 persons

Calories: up to 700 kcal

Price: £6

Location: Arnold, Nottingham

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