‘You are what you eat.’ It’s true as it describes how your body and health will be conditioned according to the type of food you eat and the amount you intake each day. It is important to eat good food in order to be healthy and fit, in other words, a well balanced diet is essential. 


More often than not, nutritional topics were heavily related to weight loss diets, ie fad diets, especially at body bootcamps. The question is: What can we do to avoid becoming over-weight in the first place? Is there an easily manageable way to have a well balanced diet that suits us individually? 


We believe the first step is to equip ourselves with essential nutrition information. For this reason, at our retreats, we will be delivering informative nutritional talks, based on food facts instead of specific fad diets. 


The next step is to understand our body, as we won’t be able to establish an effective dietary plan if we don’t know what our body needs. There are general guidances on nutrient intakes, however individuals might have very different requirements based on their body shape, activity level, health condition etc. We will be providing information that helps you to recognise what your body needs so you know what to eat. 


Next will be about maintaining the dietary plan. It’s much more than we realised as the amount of time and effort to put in food preparing differ immensely, for someone used to eat processed food and take-away switching to home-made whole food meals. We will be having open discussions at our retreats on this topic. 


Finally is about how to eat. Modern-day life has somehow made us ‘mindless’ eaters. Our body is not well nurtured if we eat hastily or mindlessly. It will be truly beneficial if we learn to eat with our heart, appreciate the food and really enjoy it. At our retreats, we will be introducing mindful eating - a practice that enhances both our spirit and health. 

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