Summer is best time for outdoor exercise, thanks to great weather this year in the UK, we will enjoy much of glorious sunshine. We have put together outdoor group workout sessions as we believe it's not only great for fitness but also for mental health, especially coming out of lockdown. Unlike indoor exercise that could be complex, equipment dependent and focused, outdoor workouts are more flexible and relaxing, it's also a good way to connect with the nature. 

PROGRAMME:  Cardio training, strength training and body weights.

Bulgarian Bags and Resistance Bands will be used for strength and muscular endurance training, alternated with body weight exercise. We will take advantage of big outdoor space for cardio training. 

LOCATION:  St. Mary's recreation ground, St. Mary's Church, Arnold, Nottingham

We are lucky to be able to have our sessions on St. Mary's recreation ground. It's a well maintained grass field, it's flat and spacious yet not as busy as parks. 

TIME: Tuesdays and Fridays 7:30am  |  4:00pm  |  5:00pm


DURATION: 40 minutes


COST:  £5


CONTACT: Matthew Knight

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