The Jungle ultra marathon

The Jungle Ultra Marathon.

A 230km self-sufficient race on foot through the Peruvian rainforest.

Next June will take me back - in 2014 this race ruined me!

I was pulled out and could not continue due to severe dehydration.

So, why go back you ask?

Through many of life’s experiences and over 60 ultra marathons, I have built up a little bit more resilience each time along with a little stubbornness.

Some may disagree with this, but as a personal trainer I often tell people to set your goals high! In western society we are taught to set short, medium and long term goals and if this has worked for you, that is awesome. Personally, it has no results for me; it actually gives me a reason to throw the towel in.

I believe in setting ‘my goals’ high and making them amazing.

Yes, sometimes you may have set backs and experience disappointment but remember, you set that amazing goal because you had ‘a wish’. If you initially had the wish, then you truly believed you could do it .

Never, ever give up !

It is still my wish to complete this race. I believe through my experiences out in the jungle, the people I have met along the way and the respect I have for such an event, I will complete this huge goal.

Do any of you have a huge goal where you’ve thought, ‘wow that would be amazing?’

Let’s hear them...

Soon, I will be ramping up my training in preparation for next year: I will train differently to last time, I will think differently, I will deal with fear differently and most importantly, enjoy every moment.

I will, of course, be supporting a charity - currently undecided - which I will announce in good time.

The reason for sharing this is that sometimes people say to me, “It’s ok for you, you’re a machine,” or, “You’ve always been fit.”

Well - I’m not made up of wires and circuit boards and when I was a kid, it was me who was the overweight one that was picked last in team sports.

So I will say this again, set those goals high.

Never, ever, give up!

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