Why Health Retreat?

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Most of you know I'm not for putting many words together. My grandma (Oops...grammar) may not be perfect and spelling may be even worse... However I started to think maybe this actually is a good way of exploring mindfulness -- by putting my thoughts together and sharing with you. So here it is, my second blog entry.

So why a wellness retreat?

All my working life I have helped people (hopefully), from teaching people to swim, personal training, lifeguarding and firefighting. So I suppose my purpose is to help.

Throughout 20 years of working with clients, as well as keeping myself fit, I realised being fit is not just about fitness in the body, it involves much more. 'Fitness' is often a misunderstood concept, especially nowadays with the popularity of social media, it has become filtered photos showing 'idealised image'. To me, personally, 'fitness' is a state of mind and body that is active yet relaxed, focused but not obsessed. It does sound a paradox but if you think about it, it is like the Ying and Yang. It's a balance that needs to be maintained with mindfulness. Body, mind and soul is the system that defines us. For body to function well, we need diet that suits us and fuels us, we also need exercises that keep it in good working order. Mind is what directs our actions on healthy eating and fitness activities. Soul will then be refined.

A climb to Snowdon summit that involves food, body and mind.

My retreat is NOT going to be a military style bootcamp. It's NOT about losing weight or gaining muscle in 3-7 days. It's NOT about becoming a gym guru instantly. It's going to be a holistic retreat with plenty of physical activity that I purposely designed for everyone to enjoy. There will also be relaxed talks and discussions around food, mind and body. My vision is to give you an experience which helps you form a different picture of the way of living. I'd like to get everyone involved, whether you have medical conditions, joint/mobility problems, or you may think your fitness levels are too low. My retreat is for everyone.

Health retreat with a multi-disciplinary approach.

There are 3 key contents at my retreat.

Fitness -- There will be indoor and outdoor physical activities, in forms or competition, games or group exercises. I'll also teach exercises that you could perform at home.

Nutrition -- There will be nutritional talks, demonstrations and discussions. My aim is to share my knowledge and we all learn to embrace and respect food.

Mindfulness -- There will be Yoga classes and practice. We will all sit together comfortably listening and talking about mindfulness, getting to know more about the concept and learning to use it in everyday situations.

Stoke Rochford Hall Hotel -- UK retreat, 24-26 January 2020

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My aim at the end of the retreat is to have everyone enjoyed the time with us, learned something that will lead a way to healthy living, or at least sheds a light on understanding our body and mind. I'll be delighted if you've made new friends and want to come back for more.

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