Health Retreat

If you are looking for an energising holiday with a group of similar minded people then this is for you. Our Peak District retreat is for wellness in the body and mind. There will be plenty of indoor and outdoor activities including Yoga classes and guided meditations at the accommodation, also hikes and walks in the beautiful Peak District National Park. 


Fitness Bootcamp

If your goal is weight loss and fitness enhancement then this is for you. Our boot camp at Stoke Rochford Hall in Lincolnshire consists of a series of high energy workouts including HIIT training, boxercise (boxfit) and Bulgarian bag walks. Dietary talks will be given to help you establish a sustainable healthy eating plan for the long term.  


Holistic Retreat

If you are looking for a holiday abroad where you can enjoy the sun, the ocean, the history and Mediterranean culture this is for you. You will take part in various exercises at retreat home, hikes and trail runs in nature, as well as beach workouts. On top of all these, there will be sunrise Yoga, guided meditations and massage (at your request).